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Keep your body healthy at all times. You’ll see how much of a difference it makes to your sex life. Time to cut back on those vices.

  • Quit smoking
    There are many other things that cigarettes can do apart from lung cancer. Smoking decreases your sperm counts.
  • No Marijuana
    In men, the long-term use of Marijuana may lead to a decrease in testosterone levels and lower sperm counts. It also puts a damper on your sexual satisfaction.
  • Cut down on the booze
    Chronic alcohol abuse damages your reproductive system, which reduces your ability to produce normally-formed sperm cells.
  • You are what you eat
    Don’t compromise on your nutrients because your sperm count WILL suffer.
  • Snooze when you must
    Maintaining good sleeping habits are essential for enhancing your mood which will obviously reflect as a good roll in the sack.
  • BRIEF abstinences from sex
    Brief periods of sexual restraint (3-6 days) increase both the volume and potency of semen. You’ll just have to figure out the interval that suits you best. On the other hand, prolonged abstinence results in a higher volume of older sperm that exhibit decreased mobility.
  • Don’t burn yourself out
    An overly-strenuous workout can lead to an excess build up of heat around the testicles, giving you another potential cause for sperm count reduction.
  • Chill!
    Avoid tight underwear, jockey shorts and jogging pants. Also avoid hot tubs, hot baths, saunas, or hot work environments.
  • Bite into a lemon wedge or something
    Low levels of Vitamin C may cause your sperm to clump together.
  • Don’t get too inquisitive
    Stay clear of environmental poisons and hazards, including pesticides, insecticides, lead, ionizing radiation, heavy metals and toxic chemicals.
  • Drink lots of water!
    150 - 200oz of pure bottled water everyday does wonders to your overall health. Water is a great cleansing agent and the good habit of drinking lots of it everyday helps you detoxify your body.

You are what you eat. Good sexual health begins with a good diet. Believe it or not, there are some dos and don’ts, which are pretty easy to follow, if you want to keep up with your sexual urges.

"DOs" - Here’s a list of the best foods for better sexual functioning:

  • Vitamin B1 - Beans, peas, lentils, raw nuts, yogurt, brown rice, whole grain flour, pork
  • Niacin - Brewer's yeast, peanuts, beetroot, swordfish, salmon, tuna, pork
  • Vitamin B6 - Sunflower seeds, lentils, bananas, carrots, avocados, eggs tuna, shrimp
  • Folic acid - Chick peas, lentils, green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, cheese, tuna, salmon
  • Vitamin C - Citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes
  • Vitamin E - Raw nuts, seeds, wheat germ, spinach, egg yolks, oils
  • Beta carotene - Fruits and vegetables which are yellow and red in color
  • Zinc - Beans, peas, lentils, sunflower seeds, spinach, pumpkin, molasses, oysters, turkey, beef, pork
  • Selenium - Brewer's yeast, whole grains

"DON'Ts" - Foods to avoid:

Excessive alcohol and caffeine - These tend to constrict blood vessels and impair circulation which is very important for proper sexual functioning.

Nicotine from cigarette smoking – Smoking is known to affect sperm count adversely.

Certain medications (please consult your doctor) tend to impede sexual performance.

Stay away from sugar, food additives, preservatives and processed food. Learn to have things like chocolate, soft drinks, candy, coffee, frozen dinners, doughnuts, pastries in moderation. Refrain from bingeing on things you know are bad for your health.

Nutritional solutions for sexual problems:

Premature Ejaculation
Recent studies have shown that high blood histamine levels are associated with premature ejaculation. Calcium and Methionine (an amino acid) lower the histamine levels in the blood.

Impotence has often been associated with deficiencies in trace minerals such as Magnesium, or Zinc. Zinc is vitally important to the male reproductive system; it is required for the production of testosterone and proper functioning of the prostate gland.

L-arginine, the precursor of Nitric oxide, is recommended for improving blood flow to the penis for better erections. This amino acid is found in protein rich foods such as chicken, beef and turkey.

NOTE: Foods that contain high levels of L-arginine are NOT recommended for anyone who has the Herpes virus, as these foods have been shown to hasten outbreaks of Herpes.


Who doesn’t want to be fit?! We have a reservoir of excuses to procrastinate and put fitness into tomorrow’s agenda, but all you’re doing is accumulating weight and simply living in denial. You have to muster up all that willpower that’s lurking in the shadows, take off that mental block and incorporate fitness into your daily routine. Once you begin, you’ll get used to it, and your body will show the benefits.

Self-esteem and confidence is part of the fitness package and you’ll notice that it makes you more desirable to the fairer sex as well. Generally men between the ages of 30 and 50 gain one pound per year, and where does it all go? Straight to the waist! Cracking jokes on your sign of prosperity is not going to make you better presentable. A general aerobics workout should help you keep your bulging waistline tucked in well out of sight. Start with a 20-30 minute workout thrice a week, and increase it gradually to 30-40 minutes 4-6 days a week.

Some easy, healthy and effective tips for fitness:
NOTE: You should consult your physician before beginning any new fitness plan. Choose activities that you would ENJOY.

  • Set realistic weight loss goals. You’re not going to be very healthy if you somehow want to lose 5 kgs every week!
  • Eat more fruit. You’ll feel much lighter.
  • Don’t overdo the salt! You don’t need a heap of salt to get your food to TASTE.
  • Drink more water. Can’t stress that enough.
  • Walk, Walk, Walk! If you can't last through an entire 30 minute walk, commit to three 10 minute walk sessions anytime during the day.
  • Fry less, bake/broil more. All that extra oil will cost your body dearly.
  • Do 5 sit-ups each morning. Five are enough if you do them religiously.
  • Do NOT skip breakfast. It’s the most important meal in the day.
  • Maintain a journal. Compete with your own fitness regime.
  • Jump rope.
  • Ride a bike.
  • Invest in a Personal Trainer. So you know if you’re on the right track.
  • Believe in yourself. And you’ll get there eventually.

Join a fitness center ONLY if you can commit to going at least 3 days per week.


Vaginal intercourse is a magnificent and stimulating experience for both partners, if performed properly. However, an unwanted pregnancy can be an absolutely distressing experience, for both the man and the woman. It is thus a wise thing to consider the various forms of birth control available, with your partner. You must mutually choose a method that will protect you both. Never simply assume that contraception is being taken care of by your partner.

Common methods of Contraception

Abstinence: Abstinence is the decision to abstain from sexual intercourse. This does not mean to abstain from all sexual contact, just vaginal intercourse.

Condoms (for men): A condom is a thin rubber sheath which fits over the erect penis of the man just prior to intercourse. The man ejaculates into the condom, thus preventing sperm from entering the vagina.

Female Condoms: A female condom (thin rubber tube with polyurethane rings at both ends) has only one end open and the ring at the closed end is to make insertion easier and to ensure that the condom does not fall out during intercourse. The man ejaculates into the condom, which prevents sperms from entering the female reproductive tract.

Ovulation method: The Cervical Mucous produced near ovulation (fertility sign) is necessary for sperm migration and nourishment and is only present for a week or so every cycle. Outside this fertile time span you can engage in sexual intercourse with complete spontaneity and very low risk of pregnancy.

Birth Control Pill: These pills act to produce changes in the uterus making it inhospitable for implantation of an egg and difficult for sperms to move anywhere in the female reproductive system.

The Morning-After Pill: This is a high-dose combination of the female hormones estrogen and progestin. This form of contraception should only be used in an emergency case for women who have had unprotected intercourse or when the chosen contraception has failed.

Diaphragm and Cervical Cap: The diaphragm (soft rubber dome) and Cervical Cap (thimble-shaped latex cap) are both used in the same manner, by placing inside the vagina, over the cervix. Spermicidal jelly or cream is held in both against the cervix. This kills all sperms as they try to reach the uterus.

Intrauterine Device – IUD: This is a small T-shaped device, with a string at the base of the T, inserted into the uterine cavity. A copper IUD can remain in place for up to 10 years.

Progestin Implant: This implant system consists of small capsules made of plastic tubing, which are filled with a synthetic Progestin. It works by thickening cervical mucous and changing the endometrium lining of the uterus. These can provide contraception for up to five years.

Vaginal Spermicides: A spermicide is a chemical that kills sperms.

The Shot: Injectable contraceptives of the hormones estrogen and progestin work by suppressing ovulation, the same way as Progestin implants.

Vasectomy: A vasectomy is the surgery for male sterilization. It stops the sperms from being able to move from the testes to the penis.

Withdrawal: The withdrawal method involves the man to withdraw his penis before he ejaculates. If the man neglects to do this carefully and in time, this method will certainly fail.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are another major concern for sexually active adults, apart from unwanted pregnancy. Also known as sexually transmissible diseases, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or venereal diseases (VD) or social diseases, these are infections have a significant probability of transmission between humans by means of sexual contact, vaginal intercourse, oral sex, and/or anal sex.

Especially when participating in sexual activities with a new partner it is absolutely crucial to use some form of protection that will help minimize the likelihood of contracting an STD. If you have any symptoms that are described in this section, or if you believe you might have contracted a sexually transmitted disease, please see a physician immediately. Your physician will be able to diagnose your condition, give you accurate information, and prescribe the correct medication to deal your problem.

The United States has the highest rates of STDs in the developed world. An estimated 15.3 million new cases of STDs are reported each year in the US alone. In comparison with men, women suffer more frequent and more severe complications from STDs.

STDs and their symptoms:

If you develop symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease (STD), it is important to be evaluated by a health professional soon after your symptoms start.

Symptoms of an STD include:

  • Painful urination
  • Cloudy urine
  • Abnormal discharge from the penis
  • Itching, tingling, pain, or burning of the genitals
  • Sores, lumps, blisters, rashes, or warts on / around the genitals
  • Crusting at the tip of the penis
  • Epididymitis (pain, swelling/ tenderness in the scrotum)
  • Prostatitis (deep pelvic ache)
  • Fever

Painful urination is very often the first symptom and may also be the only one to manifest.

Many STD symptoms tend to go away or change in a while. This does not mean that the disease has gone away. A delay in being evaluated may lead to a more serious illness.

Note: If you suspect you may have symptoms of an STD, it is not advisable to have sexual contact or activity till it has been diagnosed and treated. This will reduce the possible spread of infection to your sexual partner.

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