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The health benefits of Sex

Overall, sex is known to promote physical, psychological and sexual health. Most of us are aware of the feel-good benefits of sex while we’re engaged in it, but there indeed are benefits which don’t show up as neon signs, but have been surveyed and researched upon. It is good to know the benefits that Sex can bring.

Good overall fitness
Sexual intercourse burns approximately 150 calories off your body per half hour. During sex, the average person maintains his/ her heart rate above 70% of the maximum. In other words, sexual intercourse can pretty much compare to a great workout session. Regular sexual activity seems to be a pleasurable way to maintain a healthy body weight.

Improved blood circulation
Sex helps to increase blood flow to your brain and to all other parts of your body. Increased heart rate and deep breathing accounts for the improvement in vascular circulation. As the used blood is cleansed, waste products that cause illness and fatigue are removed.

Longer lifespan
The hormone DHEA promotes sexual excitement and increases in response to arousal. DHEA is considered to be an extremely powerful and important chemical. It helps to balance the immune system, improve cognition and promote bone growth. It maintains healthy tissues, thus keeping your skin supple and healthy. It may also contribute to cardiovascular health and even function as antidepressant.

Stress reduction and relaxation
Some people having frequent sex have reported that they are capable of handling stress better than otherwise. The intense relaxation that usually follows lovemaking may be one of the few times people actually allow themselves to completely surrender and let go. Many indicate that they sleep more deeply and restfully after satisfying sexual intercourse.

Reduced risk of heart disease
It is observed that having sex 3-4 times a week cuts the risk of heart attacks/ strokes in half, for men. Sex helps in maintaining a healthier HDL/LDL (good/bad) cholesterol balance.

Reduced depression
Sperms contain a male sex hormone called Prostaglandin, which when absorbed in the female reproductive system, helps to regulate female hormones maintaining a balance and decreasing depression and mood swings.

Healthy prostate
The prostate gland and the seminal vesicles concentrate Zinc, Calcium and other minerals up to 600 times to produce seminal fluid. Unfortunately this would mean that any carcinogens in the blood would also be concentrated to this amount. Ejaculation removes the concentrated carcinogens rather than allowing them to cluster and cause damage.

Pain Relief
The endorphins released immediately after orgasm are natural pain killer equivalents that remain active in the body for several hours after climax. Sex also produces more estrogen in females, which helps to reduce monthly PMS discomfort.

Improved immunity
People who have sexual intercourse once or twice a week have reportedly shown higher amounts of the antibody Immunoglobulin A, thus boosting the immune system.

Better bladder control
The muscles used during sex are the same ones you use to control your bladder. So more sex, better bladder control!

Improved sense of smell
A hormone produced after sex – Prolactin - stimulates the olfactory nerve (the center for smell). This increases the perception of olfaction and leads to an improved sense of smell.

Nicer teeth
This sounds cheesy, but it’s true.. For women who like ‘going down’, seminal fluid contains Zinc, Calcium and minerals that slow down tooth decay!


Foreplay is a fundamental part of the whole lovemaking experience. Long and sensual foreplay before intercourse leads to the best sexual satisfaction. A more attentive form of foreplay will always bring increased pleasure to both partners, and make any sexual experience more satisfying. Both partners need an extra little to get fully aroused and achieve maximum pleasure. The man usually needs to extend foreplay to get an erection and the woman will usually need the same to be well lubricated. You cannot really define foreplay. It is certainly not about pressing the right buttons in the right order. It is about understanding what excites your partner and applying that understanding which makes the entire experience pleasurable.

Foreplay includes a range of activities such as undressing, kissing, petting, and oral sex; but you can undoubtedly improvise on your own. Sensitive foreplay is extremely important to good sex because it will help both partners enjoy sexual intercourse better. Most woman need prolonged stimulation in order to reach a complete arousal, and foreplay usually provides them with the required stimulation.

Another reason foreplay is important is for the learning experience. Foreplay is the perfect time to spend understanding your partners likes. Remember that only communication can help you understand what is required to improve, and that practice indeed makes perfect! Don't shy away from lack of knowledge. You may ask for feedback and also give your own. Both partners gain from good communication during foreplay and lovemaking. You may even show or guide your partner in the direction you want, encouraging them to do the same.

Some great tips for good foreplay

Never presume anything about women when it comes to sex. Play it safe at first. If she likes anything kinky, she’ll let you know, but don’t make assumptions on your own. You might find something hot, but chances are she might find it absolutely appalling.

Set a good ambience for both of you. Once the mood is right, take the time to undress each other slowly and deliberately, because the act of removing your partner's clothes can be an important part of successful foreplay. Many find that undressing stimulates and intensifies the feeling, and increases the eroticism.

Always kiss her first. Kissing is the best way to get her in tune to your mood, so make it long, passionate and imaginative. Hold her face in your hands, play with her hair... Be romantic! Women particularly enjoy kissing and nibbling attention to the neck, ears and shoulders. The inner surfaces of arms and legs are also sensitive places you can gently explore.

Tonguing and French kissing are both great, but don't jam your tongue down her throat so deep that she gags. Be more sensuous, and she’ll love it!

Nibble! Nibble! Nibble! ALL women like to be nibbled... Everywhere!

Whisper sweet nothings into her ears, it really works. Women love to hear how sexy they are (almost all the time). If she likes to hear you talk dirty, give it to her. Let her know how much she turns you on. Tell her how beautiful she is.

Don't pressure her. Unless she's into domination, getting snappy with her is not going to arouse her. Take your time and don’t get frustrated.

Touching is very important. Hold her as close to you as possible; gently hold your nose, chest, abdomen or hip against hers. She may seem shy, but she will love every bit of it. However, make sure you’re not suffocating or stifling her with your weight.

Pay close attention to the way her breathing and muscle tension change as you touch different parts of her body in different ways. That’s her subconscious way of telling you what she likes, so you can do more of it. Try different levels of pressure from light to very firm.

Nipple biting, chewing and suckling are not turn-ons for a majority of the women. Use your tongue to flick her nipples and the areolar region. If you simply must bite, then take her nipple between your teeth and tug at it very gently. And while you’re at it, be sensitive to her moans.

Women love cunnilingus, but only if it's done well. You should be excited about doing it, otherwise don’t do it just for the heck of it. Start with your fingers and then progress to the tongue. Focus on the whole mound, not just the Golden Spot and use variations. Don't just stick your finger in her vagina and wiggle it, you can use your other hand to caress her thighs, butt and breasts. Also, be aware of your facial stubble and sharp nails that might cause her any discomfort.

Be courteous during fellatio. Most women don't like it when you grab their head or hair and shove it in your crotch. Don't slam yourself down her throat like a battering ram; you’ll only succeed in making her sick. Let her know when you're about to cum; some women don’t like such kind of surprises. Even though many women love to swallow, give her the option of choosing whether or not she wants to. Don't cum on her face or in her hair.

Use sex toys or any other props at your discretion, only if it’s a mutual turn-on. When everything’s going on very well, the last thing you would want to see is the look of horror on her face.

Women love to be rubbed and massaged erotically. Use warm scented oils once in a while. Work your fingers into her flesh and spend a little extra time on the lower back. Women have sensitive feet which tire easily. A foot massage is a fabulous way to get her to relax and arouse her at the same time.

Remember to prolong the foreplay with more kissing and caressing. Caressing her makes her feel very special, so do it every time one or both of your hands are free.

Being Good In Bed (The aftermath of Foreplay)

Being good in bed is a skill that will only develop with time, but first you must let your fear of failure get out of the way. The most important thing you need to know about being good in bed is that it's not really very complicated at all. This is a skill that feeds on its own success, in other words, practice makes perfect, as you’ve read a hundred times from us already. The first 90% percent of being good in bed consists of learning how to have basic sexual satisfaction with your partner and the fancy stuff, really the last 10% of the experience, will follow. A few simple techniques and the right attitude will get you there quite easily. So begin with confidence.

It is very important to remember that joy and satisfaction, of BOTH partners are the prime goals of sexual intercourse. So be generous to your partner and the satisfaction you give her will come back to you. However, there are a few things you need to remember.

Under ordinary circumstances, based on physiology, she can have multiple orgasms in fairly rapid successions, while you can't. She will take more time to warm up to the point where a really satisfying orgasm is possible than you will. Her response will vary in subtler and less predictable ways than yours. These three differences set your basic strategy, if you’d dare to call it that. The two basic things you need to do to be a good lover are to be slow and steady, and to pay her some good attention.

The classic worst case scenario that is likely to happen is for you to jump on your woman, rush her through foreplay, enter her without any preamble, and to go on to orgasm before she even knows what hit her. She most probably won’t feel a thing. And unfortunately for you, women talk!

So first, take it slow! If she wants you to speed up, she will tell you so by herself. If, however, you don’t get a proper response, ask her how she likes what you're doing. The message that you want to please her will get through, and she’ll just start to melt. Respond to everything she does to you; it will encourage her to give you more. The worst feeling one can have during sexual intercourse, is the feeling of loneliness. Don’t do it to her, and she most certainly will not do it to you.

So paying attention and slowing down is still a great idea after penetration as it was before you plunged in. There are various techniques for slowing down, one of them being to thrust deep and then just freeze altogether for a few seconds. If your partner likes deep penetration, this will drive her crazy, and you'll score a few precious brownie points. However, if you’re built large, be careful with all that thrusting… You don’t want her writhing in pain instead of a shuddering orgasm. If you can pace things so you let go just after she begins to climax (that trusted shudder), you’ve succeeded in achieving a good mutual orgasm. Joining in harmony with her cries of ecstasy is quite good manners at this point. She'll feel appreciated. However, don’t fake it!

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guide on the best Sex Positions you could experiment with.

The post-coital cuddle is one of the nicest things you can do for her. She knows how hard you’ve been working, and she’ll love every bit of you for it. Just hold her gently for a while. Endearments and light kisses at this point can really send her over the top. Let the afterglow happen. Use this time to talk quietly about personal things, if you are trying to get to know her better.

How to make her Orgasm

Always remember that women are capable of multiple orgasms. Your penis is going to give her either just one or less (half-baked orgasm). Some women find it difficult to orgasm from genital intercourse alone. It is important that you know and understand that she is almost always going to take more time to get aroused and satisfied than you are.

Clitoral massage (Clittage)
Continuous clitoral stimulation is the key to orgasm for all women. Clittage during intercourse also makes women come as easily as men. Here’s how you go about doing this:

Continuous clitoral stimulation is the key to orgasm for all women. Clittage during intercourse also makes women come as easily as men. Here’s how you go about doing this:
  • Apply some water-based lube to your fingers.
  • Find the right spot. Explore her GENTLY. Her moans will tell you when you get there
  • Move the clitoral tip back and forth in short, quick strokes. Use upward, downward and circular motions. Vibrate the tip. But DON’T press it! This is the most sensitive part of her body you’re touching!
  • Don't stop till you feel that shudder. She might push you away… but that’s not rejection! It means you’ve taken her exactly where she wanted to go.

Cunnilingus The tongue is great for stimulating the clitoral tip. Find that golden spot with the tip of your tongue and stroke
it, gently and erotically. Stay there and keep going till she’s had several orgasms on the tip of your tongue.

Stroking the Orgasmic Crescent
The clitoris and G-Spot together make up the orgasmic crescent in a woman, equivalent to a man's penis. Follow these
simple steps:

  • Stimulate the tip of the clitoris with your fingers or tongue.
  • Find her G-Spot. When erect with clitoral stimulation, the G-Spot makes the upper wall of the vagina bulge out. Insert two fingers about 2 inches inside the vagina and press against the vaginal wall.
  • Stroke the G-Spot with a gentle wiggly motion or by thrusting them towards the upper wall.
  • Stroking the clitoris and G-Spot together at the same time can give a woman strong thunderclap orgasms.

Clittage Intercourse
Clittage makes intercourse as orgasmic for women as it is for men. You will need to use your hands and your penis. Follow these simple steps:

  • Stimulate her clitoris with your fingers.
  • Point your penis toward the upper vaginal wall and stroke the G-Spot with short strokes. With a full erection, a woman's cervix lifts up and opens up the end of the vagina. The head of the penis slips into the cul-de-sac.
  • Press the head of the penis against the cul-de-sac to produce powerful orgasms in her.

Vibrator Intercourse
A vibrator and a dildo or penis together is a surefire orgasm-producer. Do clittage with a plug-in vibrator or wand and stroke the G-Spot and cul-de-sac with a dildo or your penis. But be careful, and use lube.

The DON’Ts while you’re in bed

  • DON'T criticize
  • DON'T mention other women
  • DON'T push her head down
  • DON'T talk about work
  • DON'T ask why she's taking so long
  • DON'T ask her if she came
  • DON'T attempt sex while she's asleep
  • DON'T try anal sex without her permission
  • DON'T put her in ludicrous positions
  • DON'T scratch yourself, belch or fart
  • DON'T ask if you're bigger and better than her other boyfriends
  • DON'T fall asleep after 10 seconds
  • DON'T jump in the shower right after
  • DON'T make her sleep in the wet spot
  • DON'T say "I love you", unless you mean it
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