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Meeting New Women

Some men find the task of meeting women quite intimidating. But here’s the truth... If you don’t get out there, you don’t really stand a chance! Expecting to meet the right woman without even lifting a finger, is expecting way too much from life. Ignorance in this matter is no bliss. You need to strategize yo… Here are a few pointers to give you a push in the right direction: ur moves, not to mention your thinking… So get out there

Find a Target-rich surrounding
Yoga class, Gym, Coffee house… There are scores of places where you’ll find attractive women. Also, you won’t find too many competitors here like you would at a nightclub!

Take up a Female-centric Hobby
Take dance lessons, cooking lessons. There are scores of things women like to do. Pick one up, but make sure you’ll enjoy it. Otherwise you’ll be in quite a soup.

Pickup lines
Invent something classy, nice and simple. Do not use cheesy ones like, ‘I’m lost, can you take me to your home’. Most women would not appreciate the sleaziness.

Start up a conversation with her
Women love expressing their opinions, and that’s a universally accepted fact. Ask her opinion on something out of the blue, and tell her you need a woman’s perspective on it.

Get her to strike up a conversation with you
For example, if you’re at a store and you see an attractive woman trying to reach for something off a shelf that’s too high up. Make yourself available… Pretend to pick something off a high shelf (Make sure she can see you though). She’ll undoubtedly ask you to help her.

Practice makes perfect
Rehearse your first conversations with women, mentally or at home, of course. Plan what you're going to say, think about how she will probably respond and what you're going to do in the most common situations. This is just to avoid fumbling with words when you actually meet someone.

Be cool and confident. No woman likes a clumsy man!

Asking for a phone number
If you’ve hit it off with a woman, and she’s about to leave, don’t just stand there and watch her go. One great way to get her number is to first ask her for an email address. Women are not as touchy about their email addresses. Hand her a pen, and say, ‘Put your phone number down there too, won’t you?

Your guide to flirting

Flirting can be harmful when it threatens fidelity but it can also be thrilling, sexy and ends up bringing people closer, if nothing else. Some people are inherently great at it and some people need to practice for hours. Flirting means giving people attention and making them feel good about themselves. A good flirt is clear in his/ her intentions, and knows exactly how effective some good-natured flattery is.

Women don’t really throw themselves at men when they flirt (well, mostly they don’t). There are subtle signals and men must learn to be sensitive to them. Here are a few ways in which women show their interest in men:

  • Mirroring, copying of your posture
  • Dilated pupils and direct eye contact
  • Eye contact combined with an arched eyebrow
  • Prolonged eye contact
  • Batting of eyelashes, blinking or even winking
  • Playing with hair while maintaining eye contact
  • Open mouthed, teeth flashing smiles
  • Lip licking
  • Puckering lips
  • Thrusting of chest/ breasts outwards whilst holding your gaze
  • Holding your gaze whilst moving to music
  • Crossing of legs towards you
  • Leaning in towards you whilst holding your gaze
  • Open legged posture directly facing you
  • Displaying flesh of arm or thigh
  • They will want to touch you and will reach out to do so with some excuse
  • Their tone and speed of conversation mirrors your own
  • Lots of laughter and questioning tones
  • Singling you out for conversations in a group

Flirting should always be fun and more so when you are receptive to it and are able to respond back. The best flirtatious moments will always take you by surprise. Here are a few ways in which you can counter them and show them you’re interested too:

  • Be relaxed, be conversational and be yourself
  • Be confident and show it!
  • Don't let past rejections make you fearful about interaction
  • Be truthful, careful and clear about your intentions
  • If she tells you her name, repeat it often in conversation
  • Use flattery, but be sincere
  • Smile a lot
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Give her your undivided attention. Listen to her
  • If you discover a common interest, discuss it
  • Ask her about her life, her job, etc.

Now you know what you should be doing. But for those of you who tend to put your feet up into your mouth often, we’ve got a list of stuff you shouldn’t really be doing while you flirt:

  • Don't cling to her.
  • Don’t paw or grope her.
  • Don't wait for her to lead the conversation. Make sure you sound sensible though.
  • Don't boast unless she shows genuine interest.
  • Don't fidget or appear nervous.
  • Don't rush her into anything.
  • Make her feel comfortable about the surroundings and with you.

Date Ideas

So, you've finally worked up the nerve to ask her out, and you've got yourself a date. If you find yourself asking, ‘What next?’ you should give the following sections a good read. These are some of the most popular tried-and-testing date ideas; places where you can take her:

  • A Restaurant
  • Watch a Movie or a Play
  • Dancing
  • A Jazz Club
  • A Concert
  • A Coffee House
  • A Comedy Club
  • Cook dinner together
  • Drive to some scenic place
  • Explore some place neither of you have been to before
  • Walk by a lake, river or on the beach
  • An indoor/ outdoor Picnic
  • A Game Room
  • Bowling
  • Roller Skating
  • Horseback Riding
  • A Sport event (If she’s of the sporty sorts ONLY)
  • Canoeing/ Sailing
  • Skiing
  • A Museum
  • A Family Barbeque
  • An amusement park/circus

Dating rules
  • Don't surprise her with a movie or a meal on the first date, unless you're absolutely sure of her likes and dislikes. Be a gentleman, and be receptive to her plans and suggestions.
  • Read the paper or watch the news that day so you'll have something to discuss with her, in case you run out of topics to talk about. Make sure you don’t simply bore her with what’s happening on the sport front.
  • Look your best! Brush your teeth, clean your nails, comb your hair, and dress well. Women like to be seen with well-groomed men. Remember that bad breath and body odor are an instant turn off (even for men) and she will quickly assume this is how you are all the time.
  • It may sound clichéd, but presenting her with a gift is always a great idea. No matter what she tells you, a woman loves to be doted on. And they all love flowers.
  • Show up on time! Your punctuality sets the tone for the rest of the evening.
  • Don't lie. Let her know the real you. By the third or fourth date, she'll catch you in one of your little fibs and it will most certainly ruin it for the both of you.
  • BE YOURSELF! Period.
  • Be humorous. Women love a man with a great sense of humor. See that you don't manage to offend her though.
  • If you find you both have different opinions on certain matters, just leave them be. They’re better off not being discussed. The last thing you want is for her to be cross with you.
  • Be sensitive to her needs, and LISTEN to what she says. Women hate being interrupted or when you don’t pay them enough attention. Asking her questions is a good thing (if you can manage that without interrupting her) because women like to FEEL you’re interested.
  • Keep the compliments flowing, but don’t go overboard. She needs to feel your attraction towards her, but she would probably be better off not knowing how you think she looks when naked.
  • Be chivalrous. Be polite to her and do nice things like holding the door open for her, pulling out her chair for her. It’s not going to hurt you, and above all she’ll think you’re a real darling.
  • Unless she's an adamant feminist, don't go dutch. Offer to pay, and if she let’s you then go ahead.
  • If you're having a good time, let her know it.
  • If anything embarrassing happens don't make a big deal out of it.
  • It is not polite to have phone conversations while you’re on a date, unless it’s a case of an emergency.
  • Romance her. Women like to be wined, dined, appreciated and made to feel special. They love going out with romantic men, so here’s your chance to really score big.
  • Learn to dance, even if you have two left feet. Women love to dance, and what better way to make a charming impression than by asking her to a dance!
  • Don’t rush things and hurry her up. Going out with a girl with the sole anticipation of getting laid is the worst possible approach you could ever have, and she might never forgive you if she finds out. Most women do not like one-night stands. If she's really attracted to you, it will happen naturally, not necessarily on your first date though.
  • Tell her that you will call her ONLY if you mean to, and intend on seeing her again. Take her number and tell her you will call her, but don’t if you are not interested. When saying good-bye just say "It was nice meeting you", or you could just say good night, smile, and walk away. But if you do like her and are interested, then you have to let her know. Some women don’t like to kiss after a date; others are disappointed if you don't even try. You could either wait until she makes the first move, or go ahead if you’re sure she wants you to kiss her.
  • Don't lie to anybody about the date and what actually happened. It will get back to her SOMEhow!

How to make an impression

Every man knows that women never speak their minds. At least she’s not likely to do so on your first date. It is very important that you do everything you can to make a fantastic impression on her, before she even has time to think for herself.

  • Start a stimulating conversation… Talk about things that interest her.
  • Use as much wit and humor as you can! Women dig funny men.
  • Ooze Confidence… Independence and great self-esteem are a huge turn-on for most women.
  • Never whine about ANYthing! Any sort of whining would tarnish your confident image, wouldn’t it?
  • Hold her hand every chance you get… But be tactful.
  • End the date right… Be suave, don’t appear needy!

What women want...

Most men appear quite baffled when it comes to comprehending what women really want. It’s not their fault really. The fairer sex is known to converse in cryptic ways and sometimes men need to be fed straight out of the spoon when it comes to actually reading between the lines. So what do women want?

A survey conducted by a popular women’s magazine revealed the following characteristics in men which are most sought after:   

  • Confidence
  • Humor and wit
  • Great smile
  • Well-groomed and attractive
  • Romantic /Able to connect emotionally

There are certain unspoken signals and vibes that women involuntarily give out if they’re interested in you. Here are a few ways that she may show her attraction to you:

  • She touches her face or strokes her hair and tilts her head.
  • She touches you, maybe by brushing something (mostly imaginary) off of your clothes.
  • She smiles warmly, and sometimes for no reason.
  • She leans forward with interest while talking to you.
  • She crosses her legs or angles her body towards you.
  • She licks her lips.
  • She straightens her body, drawing attention to her breasts.
  • She gives you short, darting looks.
  • She lowers her voice and speaks to you in a softened tone.
  • She opens her eyes widely.
  • She crosses and uncrosses her legs.

She'll do whatever it takes to make herself more attractive to you, and to emphasize her best points, to let you know that she's interested. So READ her correctly! Don't let her get away!

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